Remove Members of the Leadership Team Who Commit or Tolerate Abuse

Remove Members of the Leadership Team Who Commit or Tolerate Abuse

It should be evident that members of the leadership team who are themselves abusers must be removed. It should be evident, but sadly, some pastors just don't get it. In her 2007 book What Women Wish Pastors Knew, Christian author Denise George, cites the findings from a survey of 6,000 pastors who were asked their attitudes toward domestic violence. The findings are shocking: 

Asked how they would counsel a woman who came to them seeking help for abuse in her marriage:

  • 26% would tell her it's her job to "submit" to her husband.
  • 25% would actually tell her that it was her fault she was beaten because she didn't submit.
  • 50% said they would tell her that submitting to the violence was better than getting a divorce.

Many Pastors excuse VERBAL ABUSE as the victim "being too sensitive" or that she has done something to provoke him.

Shocking, isn't it? Who is an abused Christian woman to turn to if her own pastor believes such sinful behavior is justifiable? The church must be determined not to re-abuse the victim. We are not called to submit to ungodliness.

Eagle's Wings goal is to help churches help families struggling with domestic violence. Find out how our programs can help your church's leadership team create a safety net for victims in your church and community. 

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