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Domestic Violence and the Church

In an issue of “Breakpoint,” April 19, 2009, Chuck Colson lamented:  “Tragically, studies reveal that spousal abuse is just as common within evangelical churches as anywhere else. This means that about 25 percent of Christian homes witness abuse of some kind.  In many Christian homes, domestic violence is a family value. How can any family be strong when one or more of its members live in fear of being hit, maimed, or killed in their own home by one of their own? Virtually no church, house of worship, or community is untouched by this act of sin.”

What Churches Can Do to Stop Domestic Violence

Standing together, churches can become powerful first-responder networks that help create zero tolerance for intimate partner abuse and dating violence throughout the communities they serve.

What Is the Church’s Responsibility?

In order to help prevent Domestic Violence it is vitally important to: Give a "Correct Reading of Scripture." Often, men who abuse their wives use the Scriptures (for example, "women submit to your husbands") as a justification for their abuse.

Provide Safety for the Victim(s)

Safety first for the abused person and children caught in the middle of the relationship. Have a list of emergency shelters available to share with the victims in your community.

Be a Resource

Make the victim aware of the network of resources available to help. Reassure the victim that your church is one of those resources.

Hold the Abuser Accountable

Help the abuser get help. Pray for him. But do not let the abuser off the hook by minimizing the gravity of what he has done.

Learn More

Read "When I Call for Help: A Pastoral Response to Domestic Violence Against Women."


I commend the work you and the other eagles are doing in rescuing women and girls. As the father of 3 daughters, grandfather of 8 granddaughters, and great-grandfather of 2 great-granddaughters, I care very much about the welfare of ALL young women, not just those who grace the family that I am a part of. So keep up the good work. Be well, be blessed.

Love does no harm has been a safe place over the last 2 years while healing through some very difficult places in my life. So Grateful that God led me to this group of women where I have learned what healthy relationships look like and been so supported and cared for ❤️🙏🏻


The support group has created a safe place to cry, not be judged, be validated and above all not feel alone. The simple but deep group projects forced me to see myself the way God sees me and not the way others have conditioned me to think about myself. 


Priceless invaluable group full of God’s gracious love & generosity. I would be lost in this season without Love Does no Harm.


Love Does No Harm helped heal me from the inside out! God’s Love & His people show up and that has changed my life for the better! Thankful always for the incredible women who lead us and continue giving us so much strength to keep going!


Love does no harm is a blessing! Through the tough times God opened this amazing door to me for healing and a new start with a beautiful group of ladies who are so supportive and show grace and love for us & our children. Through this group I have found healing and a new chapter in my life. I will always remain connected and grateful.


Amen, I have never been so thankful for the kindness, thoughtfulness, support, words of encouragement that this group has provided me. Through the darkness of life God has given me Iight and hope through love does no harm. I know I am on the road to continue to heal but I am beyond thankful that I have this group of amazing women to support me and lift me up when I am not doing well.  


Eagle’s Wings continues to bless me on my journey!  Every time I see the amazing women who run Eagle’s Wings, they are always lifting me up with words of encouragement and prayers. They truly want to see me succeed and that keeps me positive and motivated!  Every obstacle or success I encounter, they are there rooting for me!  The love they show my daughter and I is truly special!  My daughter looks forward to seeing Judi each time and can’t wait to give her a big hug!  We are so blessed to know these beautiful women!

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